The legend of The Christmas Angel

Many, many years ago it was tradition that a Christmas Angel would spend the thirteenth night before Christmas delivering Christmas trees to those who lived in the arctic regions of the north. The thirteenth night was important so as to ensure that everyone had a tree for the entire Twelve Days of Christmas. These were very special, hand selected fir trees from a magical forest where only perfectly shaped trees grew. They were cut and delivered fresh to each and every arctic home.
On a particular December many years past the inhabitants of Santa Land were not having one of their better seasons. Mrs. Claus was having trouble getting her Christmas cookie recipe just right and had burned the last three batches. Just as it was Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, the elves threatened a work slowdown to get an 80 hour work week in their contract. Rudolf had a bad cold and his nose was dim at best and All of The Other Reindeer Were Calling Him Names again. To top off the run a bad luck, Santa had put on a few extra pounds and was having trouble getting into his suit. Not to mention that during the past summer Jolly Old St. Nicholas had taken a business correspondence course, and had transferred his naughty and nice lists to 3 by 5 index cards which Mrs. Claus’s cat had just knocked onto the floor and they all needed to be sorted out. Needless to say Santa was very unhappy so everyone was taking special pains to avoid being around him. Well the thirteenth night before Christmas arrived and Santa Had Just Settled Down For a Long Winters Nap when Out On The Lawn There Arose Such A Clatter. As He Sprung To His Feet To See What Was The Matter the front door Bell Jingled. Santa’s Silent Night had been rudely interrupted and he surely was going to give this intruder a very Frosty greeting. When he threw open the door, there stood the lovely Christmas Angel with Santa’s special hand selected Frasier Fir Christmas tree. The Angel in her sweetest angelica voice politely asked, “where would you like me to put this Christmas tree Santa?”

And thus is the legend of why to this very day Angles sit on top of the Christmas tree.